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Home Gardens With Flowering Trees

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Home Gardens With Flowering Trees

For people who like to add some flowering trees on their garden can try one from the list and choose the one that will look perfect in your gardens and homes.

· Royal Empress Tree

This tree is a native China plant. It is also called as Paulownia. It has also been planted in Japan and is used for lumber due to its hard wood. It can grow up to 15 feet tall from the first year of planting. It can reach 30 feet in three growing seasons. The flowers are colorful and scented making it the main attraction of every garden. Its flowers have a light violet color which looks like bells. It is a very good shade in our gardens and homes that will attract everyone who will see it.

· Dynamite Crape Myrtle

This tree blooms bright red flowers with shiny green leaves. The tree can also continue blooming from spring until fall. They can also grow three feet for each year. Dynamite trees are one of the real show stopper plants one can add to their gardens.

· White Dogwood Tree

Spring time will be more beautiful and vibrant with the White Dogwood Tree. It is also easy to plant for it can suit any type of soil. it has pure white flowers that really makes the place heavenly. It can grow in a total of 30 feet within its entire life.

· Weeping Cherry

This is a tree that will really make us weeping not with sadness but of its beauty. It has branches that bow down low almost touching the ground which will blossom beautiful flowers. They can come to different colors like white, pink and purple. This breed of tree is a native from Japan where all the beautiful flowering trees mostly came from.

· Kousa Dogwood Tree

This is a very elegant tree that blooms beautiful carefree flowers all year-round. This tree can stand winter and still keep blooming along the cold months. It has vibrant white-colored flowers that will sure be a very nice decoration for our gardens.

· Flowering Almond

If we are looking for a tree that blooms sweet light pink flowers, then we should get a flowering almond into our homes. It has a simple and carefree shape that attracts a lot of people. It can bloom to its most beautiful flowers during spring time. This one is truly those one of a kind tree that will give us so much pleasure and will make us proud that we plant one in our garden.

· Siberian Crabapple

One of the best trees that add color to our landscapes, Siberian Crapabble is truly a must in our gardens. Its white blossoms will add beauty to our place and also a pleasing fragrant that the flowers bring.

Those are just some of the many flowering trees we can have and add to our gardens and homes.

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