Marble Bathroom Ideas
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Marble Bathroom Ideas

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Marble Bathroom Ideas

Elegant Marble Bathrooms For Less

Marble Bathroom Ideas. A luxurious bathroom does not need to be very expensive at all. If you think that marble bathrooms would require you thousands of dollars for the amount of the materials plus the installation services, better think again. There is a wide array of marbles to choose from which costs less than you think.

Limestone is a type of marble that you can put in your bathroom if you want to give it a more earthy shade. This can be a soothing tone for those who want to be close to nature while indulging themselves while bathing. Brown and orange are some of the most common tones of limestone. Read also: Bathroom Wall Tile Ideas on a Budget

But you can also find colors that are in shades as well. It is important that you take proper care when putting limestone inside your bathroom or even in the kitchen. It is prone to scratch and etches which may ruin the façade of your marble.

Another type is the granite. More often than not, the price of granite is slightly higher compared to the limestone. Nevertheless, this is still considered as the most purchased marble all over the world. Probably the main reason is that of its polished finish which gives it a more elegant impression.

Stylish marble bathrooms do not require you to install granite or limestone all over the whole place. Although this may be a great idea, even a little dose of marble can already help in improving the appearance of your bathroom. You may opt to put a line of marble along with your patterned tiles or have a marbled sink instead. Read: Granite Marble Kitchen

But the best place for marble, if you have a limited budget, would be the flooring. As soon as you enter the bathroom, you will immediately get to see a chic refuge without spending hundreds or thousands of dollars.

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