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Modern Farmhouse Kitchen

Sourcing an Antique Farmhouse Kitchen Table

Modern Farmhouse Kitchen. Finding an old farmhouse table can be an arduous and time-consuming task. Traditionally the most used piece of furniture a home a century ago, nowadays they are much sought after by those who would like to own one in their own kitchen.

But tracking down a table that is in good condition is not straightforward since existing pieces show the wear and tear of many years of use. The best place to find such tables is at flea markets or antique fairs, where those with a keen eye for a bargain can pick up a great investment. Read also: Modern Kitchen Designs Photo Gallery

Farmhouse kitchen tables often served as the main meeting place for a farming family and their guests. These tables were incredibly well constructed in order to withstand the constant daily use they underwent. They were not only used for meals, but they also doubled as work areas. Modern kitchen tables would have a hard time matching up!

The best place to find a piece in good condition would be at antique fairs. Look in your local newspaper or area directory to find the nearest ones. Unfortunately, the prices for these tables often increases in relation to their age. For the cheapest deals, I would recommend visiting local flea markets at the weekend, or independent furniture shops. Be aware, however, that the kitchen tables you find may not be in the best of conditions.

Even if the table set appears to be run-down, it can easily be restored to its former glory by a little bit of care and attention. If you are not particularly handy (or patient) then take it to a local shop that specialized in restorations – doing so can still be a lot less expensive than buying a set from an antique dealer. Read: French Country Kitchen Decorations

Farmhouse tables have faded out of the public eye for a while, but the rustic look and feel of the construction is rapidly gaining popularity again today. Finding one is not easy, especially one that is in tip-top condition.

Have a look at small independent furniture shops, flea markets and even classified adverts in the newspaper to find one. They can be difficult to source, but with a little bit of care and attention, these old tables can be refurbished to create an amazing talking point for any home.

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