Santa Claus Christmas Tree

Santa Claus Christmas Tree

Add to Your Christmas Light Displays With a Giant Santa Claus

Santa Claus Christmas Tree. For some families, preparing for the Christmas season begins as early as the day after Thanksgiving. Holiday parties must be organized, gift lists composed, and of course, Christmas light displays constructed. Whether you lean towards minimalist decor or you have a tendency to go all out, outdoor holiday light displays spread the holiday spirit throughout neighborhoods and revolve around wonderful family traditions.

It is important to remember the religious significance of the holiday season; however, this special time of year is also about bringing friends and family together. Families today are being pulled in more and more directions as children move off to college in faraway states and careers take them even farther. Although technologies such as email, Skype and Facebook make distances seem smaller, nothing compares to a family reunion during the holiday season. Read also: Christmas Living Room Decorations Ideas

No matter the family composition, everyone has his or her own way of honoring the holidays. Of course there is the Christmas tree, which has been a longstanding tradition originating in Europe that was eventually brought over to America by early German settlers.

The first Christmas trees would certainly seem primitive in comparison to the New York City Rockefeller display found today. Similarly the rustic beginnings of holiday ornaments has come a long way to the many lights and outdoor Christmas decorations that we see in neighborhoods and in storefronts around us every winter.

For more refined, elegant displays, simple strings of white lights and window candles are common choices. Trees, interiors and exteriors of houses can be transformed even with these modest additions-especially with a reflective layer of white snow.

For a more festive Christmas light display, the choices of lights, statues and ornaments are endless. In some communities it has even become a popular pastime to drive or stroll around neighborhoods and observe what others have set up.

Life size Santa Claus statues are sure to enchant children in any community. Most giant Santas are made of fiberglass and are durable enough to last all season through wintery conditions. Different versions include a “Santa With Toy Bag,” a “Santa With Scroll” and a “Sitting Santa” for placement on an accompanying sleigh. Read: White Christmas Tree Decorations Ideas

You can even add reindeer to complete the picture. More non-traditional yet equally as fun options are the “Climbing Santa,” the “Santa on the Moon” and the “Santa on Motorcycle.”

For more life size outdoor statue decor, you might consider giant Christmas Nutcrackers and life size toy soldiers. Traditionally thought to provide protection and security, these figures would look stately next to entrances and on pathways.

Giant “half” Nutcrackers are also available that can be placed flat against a wall either outdoors or in large interiors such as shopping malls. If you live in a warmer region that doesn’t experience the typical “White Christmas,” a life size snowman statue will help you and your children’s imaginations.

Residential homes and commercial establishments alike will attract attention and praise from life size Santa Claus statues, giant Nutcrackers and life size snowmen. When preparing for the upcoming holiday months, consider these options if you are looking for something to spice up your business and family’s Christmas light displays.

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