Living Wall Bathroom

Living Wall Bathroom

Awesome Living Wall for Creating Your Own Vertical Garden Bathroom

Living Wall Bathroom. The easy way to add a living wall in a bathroom …
Vertical gardens and residential walls add sophistication to every home. They can create a natural feeling, add life to space and even hide wall imperfections.

Vertical garden with artificial plants around the mirror of the bathroom.
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There is however a problem. Adding a vertical yard to your house can be expensive, not to mention the fact that it is a maintenance project.
And how do you actually make a living wall? In fact, it’s easier than I thought …

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A solution to an interior wall
However, I found the ideal solution to easily and economically add a residential wall to a bathroom!

This modern designer look is impressive, especially given the low cost and effort required to install it. This is my kind of improvement project to do it yourself! Read: Modern Bathroom Ideas

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