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Inspirational Traditional Home Office

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Inspirational Traditional Home Office

How to Create a Traditional Home Office

Traditional Home Office. A home office styled in the traditional way creates comfort. Many people use this style of decor. If you want to keep your clients focused on the business rather than the furnishings, then go with the traditional decor.

Traditional decor uses neutral tones; wall colors of beige, gray or pale blue. These colors are restful and soothing and the light colors offset the heaviness of the dark wood or wood-grained furniture. You can incorporate many beautiful pieces of furniture into the traditionally styled office. The richness of the grain is a subtle statement of quality. Use tall storage to gain the space you may lose in the bulk of the piece. Keep lines simple and flowing, with ornamentation understated rather than obvious.

Your computer desk could be big, old and heavy with lots of room on top and small pockets for storage along the back. Drawers down the sides are a feature of this desk. Read also: Home Office Design Ideas

While the furniture may be on the heavy side, you can lighten the overall look by adding color accents in the seat padding and decorations. The pictures on the walls should reflect the traditional theme with sailing ships or country scenes. You can do this in sepia or pencil sketches, or subtle coloring. The frames should be rich timber to match the color of the other furniture.

Even traditional offices like to have the efficiency of more modern window treatments; so if glare is a problem in your office, install vertical drapes rather than traditional roller blinds. Wooden Venetian blinds are another option. Curtains — if you decide on them — should be understated and can match or tone with the seating.

Lighting for the traditional office consists of normal overhead fixtures along with a desk lamp or two. Brass fittings look great and enhance the traditional look while the shades can be dark green. Potted plants, such as ferns or palms, will add a touch of elegance to your traditional office. A timber-framed container to put the pots in continues the traditional theme. Flooring consists of quiet carpet in neutral colors that must have a short pile for those wheeled computer chairs to ride over easily.

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