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Mediterranean Interior Style

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Mediterranean Interior Style

Mediterranean Styled Interior Decorating

Mediterranean Interior Style. To obtain a home with Mediterranean themes you could easily do with some oil paintings. Tuscany and Spain have always had the Mediterranean styled interior decorations, which has been a much loved decorating theme within those regions. Shared similarities are also seen in many other decorative themes which are equally popular like the Mediterranean themes. People all over the world are sure to be influenced by Mediterranean styled decoration themes as many of these themes actually merge to create a new form.

It is felt that the purity of Mediterranean designs has been lost amidst many other designs like the Moroccan designs, Florida designs, California Mission, Mexican Colonial, etc. But those who are able to recognize the original Mediterranean style designs surely enjoy the authenticity of this décor.

The walls are made with a predominated texture which helps in giving the wall an aged appearance. For the wall frame, neutral sand paint provides the perfect base. One can obtain the Venetian plaster that provides a burnished texture to the wall. With the use of different accents of color, it is possible to provide the Mediterranean style to the wall frame.

Achieve the rustic look by using aged metallic colors:

Where ever possible, make use of columns, moldings of plaster, and cornices. By making use of yellow and lavender textures you can get the warmth of colors you desire. People love to even apply aged metallic colors which look earthy along with bright colors in many of the accessories to achieve the Mediterranean look along with the addition of white colors. By mixing white, you can achieve a whitewash effect on most of your walls.

With the application of bold colored paints, you can appropriately fill in spaces with sea green, earthy orange, creamy yellow and sand colors to allow your project to gain the desired shape and pattern. These colors are really good at initiating the scene in your project. Fine hardwood and some other woods that have rustic designs can be crafted into elegant Mediterranean furniture.

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