Shabby Chic Dining Room Lighting
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Shabby Chic Dining Room Lighting

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Shabby Chic Dining Room Lighting

Shabby Chic Dining Room Lighting. Looking for a lighting design that not only looks good but won’t break your lighting fixture budget? These cheap chic lighting ideas can help you get any home improvement project off of the ground! Use this guide to finding the best home lighting ideas and you’ll be sure to have an affordably lit space in any room of the house.


One of the cheapest fixtures around, these chic lighting options can keep any room lit and look good doing it! From the basic two bulb ballasts to more complex fluorescent lighting solutions, the fluorescent bulb can be used in kitchen and bathroom designs to create an ambient source on the cheap. What’s particularly great about the fluorescent light is that it comes in a wide variety of design options allowing you to use the fluorescent as a task, ambient or accent light.


Keep all of your interior designs, décor and other home accessories well lit with this innovative light fixture. Built onto a track, separate task or accent lighting sources are controlled by one switch but can be aimed in multiple directions at once. Monorail lighting is similar to track in that it is several lights controlled by one switch. But monorail lighting tracks hang from the ceiling and are part of the light fixture itself. With the addition of a dimmer switch, this chic lighting source is perfect for dens, kitchens, bathrooms, and bedrooms.


When direct fixtures are tough to install overhead, wall sconces can come to the rescue. These chic lamps not only work well to highlight wall art or another wall décor, but it’s also part of the wall art itself. Sconces can be aimed upward to direct light away from the eyes, or it can be installed downward to keep lighting sources at the foot. Many wall sconces are wired in unison on the same switch.

Pendant Lights

Hanging light fixtures are the ultimate in chic design. With so many lampshades and light covers available for pendant lighting, it’s no wonder why these lighting options are used in some many designs in all rooms of the house. These are great for over kitchen islands, bathroom vanities, bedroom makeup mirrors, and dining rooms. The only drawback with a pendant is that they hang from the ceiling. Low ceilings are not the best bet for installing pendant lamps.

Ceiling Fans

Ceiling fans work great as a secondary light source. They provide all of the ventilation you need as well as a good quality source. Ceiling fans with kits work great over beds, in dens and just about any chic design you can think of.

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