Tuscan Interior Design
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Tuscan Interior Design

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Tuscan Interior Design

Tuscan Interior Design – Reasons for Decorating Within This Style

Tuscan Interior Design. If you ever feel like redecorating with specific Italian interior design elements, then go for Tuscan interior design, as it genuinely describes the Italian atmosphere. Writer Irving Stone described Tuscany, the originating province of this decorating style, as “the most beautiful garden of Italy”, whose scents, colors, fields, and hills had inspired so many artists.

Nature’s amenities were used as valuable inspiratory sources and elements like stone, wood and iron became trademarks for this decorating palette. One of the many reasons for choosing this style over others is that the interior spaces are extremely welcoming and cozy, being bathed in natural sunlight and heat throughout the entire day. A rustic simplicity draws a familiar touch, combining comfortable pieces of furniture with natural colors and design elements.

Nothing sophisticated should be done within your home redecoration process. Remember that this style had been conceived for the purpose of retreating from the urban tiring life and thus the interior redesign should help you shape your own relaxation oasis.

Another reason that is worth mentioning is that you can enjoy nature’s beauty by making use of natural materials. Stone walls, marble floors, wrought iron accessories, stucco wall decorations are elements that will define your Tuscan interior. If you care for intimacy, use drapes made of transparent fabrics, in order to enable natural light to invade your room.

The color palette is nature inspired, having tones such as ginger, ochre, green, blue and yellow. A Tuscan interior should embed elements like wide wooden boards for the flooring, stone slabs, colored bricks or ceramic tiles. The furnishing is straight and simple, having accent elements like terracotta slabs, wrought iron, and marble accessories.

Remodeling kitchens should take account of the fact that a genuine Tuscan cooking area is all about food, wine, and natural elements and this is yet another argument in favor of this style. Therefore, place a long wooden family table, cabinets, and shelves for wine bottles, glass jars filled with pasta and olives and don’t forget flower vases. Emphasize the rustic atmosphere with fruit hampers, garlic, and pepper ropes, hanging grapes and add color with majolica dishes.

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