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Terrarium Table Living Rooms Ideas

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Terrarium Table Living Rooms Ideas

Terrarium Table Living Rooms Ideas. Terrarium making is a rewarding hobby that combines art and nature. You can make a nice terrarium in an hour and then enjoy caring for it and looking at it for years to come. With a few tips and guidelines you can make some wonderful terrariums that are extraordinary.

What is a terrarium?

A terrarium is a small environment where plants and sometimes animals live together in their own little environment. Generally, this environment ranges in size from that of a two-liter bottle of soda to a thirty-gallon fish tank.

There are two basic types of terrariums: closed environment and open environment. In a closed environment the terrarium is sealed and it is an ecosystem unto itself that needs very little except occasional watering and moderate sunlight. . An open environment terrarium is more common and is usually one where the top is open. This type of terrarium is more durable and easier to maintain. I recommend that you make an open top terrarium if this is your first attempt at making a terrarium. Read also: Fairy Garden Lights Ideas

The Basics:

Enclosure selection: The most important decision you make when making a terrarium is choosing what type of container to put it in. This container has a dramatic impact on how the terrarium looks so you should choose something that looks nice. Some common choices include large brandy glasses, large bottles, fish tanks or even ceramic bowls.

Theme: The best terrariums are the ones that go a little bit further than just a group of plants. Consider making your terrarium with a theme and then you can add little extras that add excitement to it. Some good theme ideas include a desert theme, a rainforest theme, or a magical theme which might include small statues or figurines.

Plant Selection: Most types of houseplants are suitable for a terrarium. But you should consider a couple of things. Make sure you use plants that will not grow too large. These plants will overshadow other plants. And use a variety of colors, heights, and leaf shapes in your terrarium. This will make it more pleasing to the eye. Finally, you may want to follow the odd number rule and place 3, 5, or 7 plants in the terrarium. Odd numbers of plants tend to make more pleasing arrangements. It looks more natural. Read also: Bonsai Tree Ideas

Buying Plants: When buying your plants you should try to buy plants with similar sunlight and watering needs. Read the labels or tags on the plants. A good selection of plants would be ones that all have the recommendation of moderate sunlight and watering. Being all in the same environment it would be difficult to give the different plants varying amounts of sunlight and water.

Arranging the Plants: Before you plant the plants into your terrarium you should decide how they would be arranged. Place the plants in their pots side by side and move them around to look for interesting arrangements. Think of what a florist does when he makes a floral arrangement. If the pots themselves don’t allow you to get the plants into a good arrangement you can take the plants right out of their pots with their root systems still in the soil and try arranging them on a large dish. Once you have found an arrangement that looks good you can then transfer the plants right into the terrarium.

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