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Bamboo Garden Ideas Backyards_4

50 Amazing Bamboo Garden Ideas Backyards

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50 Amazing Bamboo Garden Ideas Backyards

Bamboo Gardening Made Easy

Bamboo Garden Ideas Backyards. Bamboo gardening involves a little bit of care in the beginning, but the rewards are definitely worth it. Although you have to investigate what species is native to your local area, bamboo tends to be a very low maintenance plant that can weather many hard conditions.

Adding bamboo to your garden can give it an air of exoticness and serenity. Many people are scared of the rumors they have heard about the roots spreading wildly and even causing neighbor disputes over property lines. This can all be avoided by doing a small amount of research ahead of time before planting. Read also: Climbing Roses on House Ideas

Two things to check for are:

1) Are the bamboo plants you want in your garden native to your area or able to survive in your zone?
2) Is the bamboo a clumping type or spreading type of bamboo?

Obviously, clumping types are easier to deal with, as they tend to stay bunched together. However, even spreading bamboo can be controlled. By either partially or fully surrounding the bamboo with a thick piece of plastic, you can direct the spreading of the bamboo roots.

Bamboo roots tend to stay more toward the top, so going down about 2 feet should suffice. Having the bamboo area slightly raised with a ledge will allow you to see the roots extending each year and easily trim the back.

Bamboo is very durable and low maintenance, but they do need a little attention once or twice a year. Thinning the leaves once a year will also bring them back to life, so to speak. The leaves tend to get quite full and you lose the natural lines of the stems. Clipping and sculpting as you go, bring out the beauty of the plant. Read: Home Gardens With Flowering Trees

Overall, the easiest way to do bamboo gardening is to plant the bamboo in a pot, paying special attention not to disturb the buds, and then burying the whole pot in the ground. In Japan, this can be often be seen in many small gardens.

Using a nicely colored pot like a royal blue or some other color that blends with any flowers around will add a bit of art to you bamboo garden. Let a good 3 inches stick out of the ground to display both the bamboo and the pot.

Bamboo gardening can be a fun way to add something unique to your garden, whether you are going for a full Japanese garden effect, or merely want to add something different to your design. Trying to plant and lay the barrier yourself can be a great DIY project if you are one for details. Places like Grand Island Serene Gardens can also help you with the design and installation to ensure that your bamboo area stays enclosed to minimize spreading.

Joshua M. Smith, PhD., is the owner of Grand Island Serene Gardens [], a website and store dedicated to both traditional and contemporary Japanese culture and art. He received his Ph.D. in Japan at Osaka University and researches various areas of Japanese culture, such as Japanese music and Japanese gardens.

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