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Vintage Eclectic Office

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Vintage Eclectic Office

Eclectic Vintage Inspired Interiors

Vintage Eclectic Office. Eclectic interiors become more an more famous in some western countries, in the United States too. Not a single room is defined by simplistic lines let alone is less special, it breathes and instills in you elements of historical tradition and old world charm. All are empowered by a certain theme that runs its course through the traditions of Vastu the ancient text of interior design as scripted by anciently sacred scholars.

While searching through the streets of Jaipur you discover a colorful tribute to the romantic era of spice voyages, in different trinkets, each telling a love story, perhaps reminiscing an era, putting together ancient scenarios and beautiful memories. read also: Home Office Design Ideas

Vintage hope trunks along with teak British cabinets on peg feet and patchwork tapestries strung together in a rhapsody of vagabond colors.

Vintage Eclectic inspires a rich, layered look combining rustic handcrafted furniture designs from various time periods and a unique collection of accessories and art. Ethnic earthy worn colors, handmade textiles, and collected objects create a space that thrives on the lands traveled and the different cultures of the world.

Bring in Spanish styled doors and old arches carved with symbols of the sun that represent the beginning of time, immortal, antique doors each carved with singular passion and each having a beautiful energy that will take you on a walk through the past. Read also: Awesome Office Room Ideas

Furniture with shapely, floral intricate silhouettes, and weathered patinas. Beautiful Indian armoires with brass and iron ornamentation, grounding you to mother earth. Antique spice chests called Damchias with colors that are so vibrant and studded with mirrors, so much fun! Old door tables, vintage carved sideboards, and accent tables are just a few of the many treasures of ancient India. Jewel tones tapestries mixed with washed-out, vintage rugs and pillows, an eclectic mix of the bohemian wanderlust.

Antique and vintage inspired eclectic interiors to have no definition or boundaries. Be it a modernistic minimalist home or a maximalist, both thrive on the vintage furniture. A varied mix of fabrics on pillows, and window treatments, including sheers and patterned paisley, banjara tapestries, tribal and floral patterns, the designs of Indian fabrics are so very refreshing.

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