Red and Gold Christmas Tree Decoration Ideas
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Red and Gold Christmas Tree Decoration Ideas

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Red and Gold Christmas Tree Decoration Ideas

How To Use Colors For Your Christmas Tree Decorating Ideas

Red and Gold Christmas Tree Decoration Ideas. In the final part of our series sharing Christmas tree decorating ideas, we will look at using different themes of colors to decorate your Christmas tree. Although the same type of accessories will still be used, changing theme colors can produce a huge effect in your tree’s overall look.

The two most important decorative factors in determining a theme color are lights and colors of bells, stars, and balls, so keep these in mind when shopping for new ornaments to fit your color theme. Read: Small Christmas Tree Decorating Ideas

Blue Christmas

The usual color for Christmas tree decorations are a mix of red and gold, so why not go for something fresh and icy like blue instead? There are a variety of ways to produce a blue Christmas, such as littering your tree with bluebells, balls, and stars and using blue neon for wired lighting.

You can also go for a semi-snow and ice look with blue accessories and white lights. Although not your usual cozy Christmas color, a well done blue Christmas tree can come out really cool and impress your visitors with its unusual hue.

Red Christmas

This theme of color will look classic and absolutely beautiful if done to perfection. And the good news is that it isn’t really hard to do so. For a red Christmas, shop for your usual tree ornaments but buy them only in red and white colors. Get a good mix, about 50-50.

Make sure these include garlands, balls, and stars. Once you are done hanging these on your tree, throw on some wired white lights (the key thing here is to keep them at one color) and you will see a different Christmas tree in front of you. Similar colors, but brand new look! Read also: Christmas Living Room Decorating Ideas

These are just some examples of using different lights and ornament colors to create a theme Christmas. I’m sure there are many more examples out there waiting for you to explore. If you employ a little creativity, you may even come up with a unique color theme of your own! Use Red and Gold color to decorate your Christmas tree. It will make your Christmas looks more glorious.

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