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Outdoor Patio Lighting – Make A Plan

Patio Lighting Ideas Gallery. Outdoor Patio Lighting can help to transform your house at night and create a more functional patio in the process. People tend to rush out and buy the first lights that they think look good, without much thought for the overall effect. Making a simple plan can mean the difference between a patio with some lights, and a professional looking outdoor lighting experience. Go for that wow factor.

Why Bother With Lights?

Over the years patios have grown to become almost essential elements of our homes. We spend a lot of time and money creating, not just patios but outdoor rooms that are functioning extensions of the home. We use patios as dining rooms, barbecue areas, and kitchens, relaxing corners to escape the world. Without using lights, when night-time falls, all these wonderful spaces just become – outside in the dark! Read: Christmas Lights on Fence Ideas

Some thoughtful use of outside lights can make your patio a great place to be at night. It will extend your use of those areas you so carefully planned and expensively developed, so make the most of your investment.

Get Some Ideas

Before you begin to take a few hours and start gathering ideas together that you like. Look online and in the written media. House and home type magazines, online picture galleries – do a search for outdoor lighting pictures. Even product lists will have some good ideas to help get your design head on. If it helps you, take some notes or gather clippings from magazines for later reference.

Make Your Plan

You don’t have to be an architect here. The plan is simply to collect your ideas and work out how you can implement them. The plan is for your use and perhaps to show to a contractor if you are hiring one to carry out the work. In your plan you need to look at:

The type of lighting units – spotlights, floodlights, post lights. Remember you can use a mixture of different outdoor lights. Read also: Outdoor Patio Lighting

The power needed for the lights – you will need expert advice and installation for wired outside lights. If you choose solar powered lights you may be able to install them yourself.

The positioning of the lighting and how many to install. Sometimes less is more!

Your budget! It is easy to get carried away, set yourself a realistic budget but you do not need to blow the bank to achieve great results.

Taking some time at the planning stage will always pay off in the end. You can waste time and money if you do not gather ideas and settle for what you like. Remember it is your plan, not someone else’s. Use outdoor patio lighting to bring your home to life at night-time and be the envy of your friends and family.

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