Mid Century Modern Living Room Furniture

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Mid Century Modern Living Room Furniture

Types of Designer Vintage Mid Century Modern Furniture for Home

Mid Century Modern Living Room Furniture. Ever since man set his artistic instincts on furniture, he has managed to produce great pieces, some of which are relics that have been passed down through generations. In addition, each era and civilization has seen unique designs of furniture that are a reflection of fashion trends and artistic movements of those periods.

These trends have also been changing with time; some replicating themselves over the years while others remaining ascribed to the periods within which they were designed. Despite the changes in design over the years, an observable trend of the Vintage mid-century modern furniture is the focus on artistry, craftsmanship, and attention to detail.

However, designers of modern classic furniture have also managed to achieve a functional balance between technology, purpose, and aesthetics to yield simple practical pieces different from traditional styled vintage furniture. Here is a list of designer vintage mid-century modern furniture that you can purchase for your household

Art deco tables

These are some of the best examples of vintage mid-century modern furniture, with simple elegant shapes, characteristic of art deco design. When purchasing such tables, go for the dark mahogany or ebony types that bring out the vintage appearance. Most of these tables were designed in the 1930s.

Vintage chairs

These exist in a variety of shapes and also finished with different materials. For example, the Knoll armchair built-in 1965 is made of bronzed steel wire and nylon. There is also a child chair designed by Italian American designer Bertoia that is made of enameled steel with woolen upholstery. The Eames chair designed in 1946 by Charles Eames is a recliner with a matching footstool. It has been modeled with plywood and leather upholstery and placed on a metal frame. There is also the Wassily armchair that has been the most mass-produced. It is made of chrome-plated steel tubing and canvas.

Furniture ornaments

These also exist in a number of designs and styles and portray a good example of modern classic furniture. You can find them in form of lampstands, sculptures, or even items like gothic-styled bird cages. All these are finished with elaborately detailed carvings and decorations. These ornamental artifacts are best used to accentuate the furniture setting and are best placed in conspicuous places like the living room where they can be seen.

Standalone chests and drawers

These include chests that are finished with elaborate carvings and decorations on their surface which is a typical characteristic of modern classic furniture. It is not easy to find brand new types that have been sculpted on the surface unless you order a customized version. However, you can still get one either from a friend or through auction sales. Some of these chests were built during the earlier centuries with intricate designs finished with gilt bronze mounts and marble.

Couches and bed carriages

These are designed both for functionality as well aesthetic appeal. Most of them owe their design to Roman era style and craftsmanship. These couches really stand out and are assembled using simple materials such as cane and rush that marries tradition and function.

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