Paint Colors for Beach House Interiors
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Paint Colors for Beach House Interiors

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Paint Colors for Beach House Interiors

Beach House Design Colors

Paint Colors for Beach House Interiors. A beach house design isn’t just one particular look. Coastal abodes can differ in shape, size, and, most importantly, color. Your home by the ocean doesn’t have to look like everyone else’s. Depending on your personality, culture, or location, you can have a unique beach property.

You have quite a good range of color choices for coastal houses, actually. You just need to check what you want, open your mind to the possibilities, and apply some creativity. It can stretch from the traditional to the ultra-modern hues. Read also: Beach House Design Ideas

Perhaps, the most common colors for houses on the shore are the natural, earthy tones that mimic the scene right outside your doorstep. The calming shades of the sand are usually applied on the exterior and the interior walls. Accents, woodwork, and boards are in a darker shade. Wood that’s treated well is often the top choice for flooring. Ideal decorations in the house would be white curtains of very light fabric, accessories made of wood, coconut shells, and seashells, among others.

You can take this natural beach palette to have a bit more color if you move towards the Mediterranean style. Instead of wood flooring, Moroccan tiles would also look lovely. Accessories like lamps and vases with orange, blue, or brick red would complement the surroundings as colorful accents.

But if you want your beach house design to be truly bold and vibrant, think about the row of beach sheds in Australia with the primary colors and rainbow hues. You can do your own version of this and paint your house in bright shades. You can have your front door in a color that’s in contrast to your exterior wall. This effect would be great for beach houses that have simple lines. Complicated structures might look too confusing when painted with too many striking colors. Read: Coastal Farmhouse Decor

Blue and white always look good on houses by the sea. They can remind you of nautical themes or the coastal homes in Greece. Use navy if you want a nautical theme; choose sky blue if you want a Grecian home along the shore. You can simply paint your whole body of your house white and have the roof, window frames, and doors all in blue. Nautical designs should opt for red or light blue for accents, while Grecian style should go for accessories made of wood or clay.

These ideas are a great starting point when thinking of your own beach house design. Remember that you shouldn’t be tied down to the same look as your neighbors’ house styles and colors. Let your personality and imagination shown in your own home.

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