Beautiful Open Kitchen Designs with Living Room Ideas

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Beautiful Open Kitchen Designs with Living Room Ideas

Why Today’s Kitchens Are Really Living Rooms

Open Kitchen Designs with Living Room. Today’s modern family is a very different unit indeed compared to just a couple of generations ago. Each member of the family tends to be independent and a lot more sophisticated in terms of day-to-day activities. This is reflected in the cohesion of the family, how they interact and how they go about their individual activities each and every day whilst also coming together as a family unit.

It should come as no surprise therefore that the design of the modern family home is a lot different. As design trends tend to evolve in order to conform to the requirements of the occupants, the design of the individual rooms within the house also has to keep pace. Read also: Modern Luxury Kitchen

Nowhere is this truer than in the kitchen. Today, this is more of a living room than the living room itself! The typical hub of activity, when all the family is gathered together, is typically this room these days and it’s no longer an area that is purely functional and normally separated from the rest of the living area. Rather, it is an integral part of the living space and is definitely the informal place for everybody to “hang out.”

Just think of what could take place in this room and it is little wonder that owners are choosing to redesign and renovate their homes in order to focus on this area. In a large, open-plan variety, one of the youngsters can be doing their school projects in one corner, the mother might be watching the latest soap opera on a built-in screen next to the stove, or the neighbors might be sitting on stools enjoying a coffee or a cocktail at the breakfast bar.

We can see that the kitchen now represents a social center and must definitely reflect the personality of the people who live in the home. This is where planning the design of this room and selecting the kitchen units can become a lot of fun. There are so many different styles available to choose from these days ranging from Art Deco to traditional, to contemporary and many different tangents in between that there is sure to be something to meet the eye.

Why you could even choose a hybrid or eclectic design which incorporates a variety of different styles and if handled correctly blend everything together seamlessly. You will then be able to create a fantastic and welcoming first impression, as well as a place where you will be delighted to enjoy the cohesion of the family unit. Read also: Small Kitchen Design Layouts

What are you going to do with the living room if the kitchen is the place to be? It’s interesting to note that the overall layout of the modern-day home is indeed changing and we will certainly see a trend in the future toward more open plan and appropriately designed spaces, in accordance with the demands and requirements of the true, modern-day family. Furthermore, as the functionality of our kitchen units improves from a technological perspective this room will become much less of a purely work-based environment, as well.

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