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French Country Outdoor Patio Furniture

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French Country Outdoor Patio Furniture

Rustic Outdoor Furniture – For Those Who Prefer the Natural Look

French Country Outdoor Patio Furniture. While some homeowners enjoy a rich Victorian feel to their outdoor space, others prefer a more homegrown country feel. The latter mentioned style is typically referred to as rustic. Rustic outdoor spaces usually contain furniture that is constructed using raw materials and use those materials in a way that harkens closely to the natural state of that material while still remaining fully functional.

Rustic outdoor furniture is often made from cedar or pine, and sometimes birch and is sold in its raw state or completely unfinished. This type of furniture will keep the wood in its natural glory with knots, checks, grain, and color variations. This style of furniture functions as a celebration of the material for what it is rather than manipulating the material to take on a form other than how it occurs in nature. Read also: Outdoor Furniture Ideas

Rustic outdoor furniture can be found in many forms of function including tables, chairs, rockers, swings, benches, and of course, glider benches. Often, the craftsperson creating the rustic style furniture will construct a piece out of wood where the bark and origin of branches are still visible.

This version of rustic outdoor furniture is often referred to as “log cabin” furniture. This is a unique style and, surprisingly, can be very comfortable, especially with the addition of a cushion. If your outdoor space is surrounded by a wooded area, this style of furniture may very appropriate.

Other rustic styles of outdoor furniture have simple construction that tends to have a very solid and boxy feel. Rustic furniture is often constructed to withstand more use and abuse than other styles of furniture. This fact makes it very appealing to families to spend a good deal of their time outside.

Depending on the material used, rustic style furniture can be finished in a variety of ways. It can be oiled or stained. This will help to preserve the wood and reduce the attraction of wood burrowing insects. This also allows the owner to alter the color of the wood. Stains come in many different colors, the options are almost limitless. Outdoor furniture that is constructed out of wood in its raw form can also be sealed. Read: Wooden Bench Ideas Outdoor

This also helps to preserve the wood and functions as a barrier between the furniture and the elements. Another benefit of rustic outdoor furniture is that it can also be painted. This means that its rustic style can be easily converted to represent another style like shabby chic, colonial, or even French country. Perhaps the most beautiful quality of rustic furniture is its versatility. With rustic furniture, the possibilities abound!

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