Japanese Landscape Architecture
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Japanese Landscape Architecture

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Japanese Landscape Architecture

Japanese Landscaping – Beauty, and Tradition in One Place

Japanese Landscape Architecture. A Japanese Landscaping theme is soothing and relaxing by nature. That is the purpose behind choosing Japanese Landscaping so plan your yard well. Japanese landscaping done well will create unity in the vegetation and the architecture around it. It will recreate a slice of Japan in any part of the world. Japanese landscaping – like the country – should be filled with lush, vibrant plants and flowers; it should have distinctive structures and soothing waterfalls. The goal is to have beauty and grace.

Not Symmetrical

Japanese landscaping is usually arranged in an asymmetrical manner. A Japanese landscaping expert will rarely place anything in regimented rows. The landscaper working toward a perfect effect will try to make the area seem as natural as possible.

The expert will not want to create a look that is carefully planted in rows. An expert in such landscaping will want to have space for the creation; he will avoid any look that is crowded. This means that the plants and fixtures included must be carefully chosen for a beautiful look with a limited number of plants. Read also: 50 Amazing Bamboo Garden Ideas Backyards

Japanese Landscaping Uses Symbolic Plants

The plants used in Japanese landscaping will bring visions of the country. There are plants such as the Japanese maple that will bring the desired look for the serenity and unity required. The traditional bonsai trees are beautiful additions to any Japanese garden.

Most Japanese gardens do not have many flowers, but some flowers including azaleas are wonderful additions to a Japanese garden. Some designers would argue that a Japanese garden must have azaleas. Bamboo and most plants will create the look of a typical Japanese garden.

A fish pond with a colorful selection of goldfish will add great charm to a Japanese garden if space permits. There are kits available to help the gardener design and install these ponds. These kits can often be found at the local home improvement stores, and these can be small or very elaborate kits.

These kits will also provide great advice to keep the fish healthy and alive. A wonderful waterfall using a unique design will add a great visual effect as well as the soothing sound of the flowing water. The rocks that are often included in a Japanese garden can be incorporated into Japanese landscaping by a creative gardener.

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