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Furniture Made of Bamboo

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Furniture Made of Bamboo

Bamboo Furniture – Is it For You?

Furniture Made of Bamboo. The thought of bamboo furniture conjures up images of beach houses and squeaky chairs for most people, does it for you? Don’t worry, you are not alone in that thought, but with the popularity of bamboo as a commercial and industrial product, the bamboo furniture of yore is slowly becoming more fashionable and comfortable.

Though many believe bamboo to be a tree, it is actually a grass. Yes, it is a grass and a large grass at that. There are several varieties that can encompass vast amounts of land and can grow upwards to eighty feet tall; the more common types used for furniture range in diameter from two inches to seven.

While it grows quickly, it does take up to seven years for the bamboo to thoroughly dry out and harden for furniture production. However, compared to its hardwood cousin that takes around six decades to mature into a size worth harvesting, bamboo is still a better and quicker alternative. Despite being a grass species, bamboo is just as strong as any tree when harvested and treated. Read also: Wooden Furniture Designs for Living Room

While you may want that beach feeling on your patio or sunroom, most people want a stylish, yet comfortable look to their décor. Yes, there are still that Tiki hut styled furniture sets still out there, so don’t worry. You can still build your island oasis off your backyard swimming pool with furniture that looks island authentic; but for those homeowners hoping to add environmentally friendly, eco-centric furniture to their household, welcome to the new world of bamboo furniture.

Bamboo furniture has transitioned well from the old versions, becoming much more refined as the years have gone on. Since bamboo is popular, many companies are invested much more time and energy into incorporating this sturdy, hardwood alternative into their repertoires.

But first, prior to purchasing your new furniture, do some homework. Do not just trust the first product you see. It may not be made of real bamboo, but a plastic press made to look like bamboo. If you are looking for the real thing, research. There are ample amounts of web sites that host bamboo furniture, in different styles, shapes, colors. You can get an entire room suite or just that one piece you have been looking for over the years.

Most individual homeowners will put bamboo style furniture on their back porch, as it feels more like an outdoor style, but bamboo can be utilized indoors as well. Go crazy, think outside the box! You do not have to have bamboo furniture outside; you can bring the island oasis indoors if you want. It is completely up to you and your design ideas. Read also: Modern Home Office Furniture

Bamboo is so versatile that it can be produced in just about every color imaginable and any style, shape or size you desire. All you have to do is research and scout out the different types of bamboo furniture made. Remember, bamboo is pest resistant, so wherever it goes, you will not have to worry about little bugs destroying your new furniture.

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