Modern Pool Designs for Small Yards
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Modern Pool Designs for Small Yards

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Modern Pool Designs for Small Yards

The Swimming Pool: Yesterday Today and Tomorrow

Modern Pool Designs for Small Yards. Ever since the very first swimming pool was built people have been coming up with new ways to make them better. It was the ancient Romans who first figured out how to cement together sheets of stone, and run the plumbing that it took to build.

But it would be over 2000 years before the English were to revive the concept of the common swimming pool. The wealthy built them on their estates that the English were also the originators of the concept of a public swimming pool with the first public swimming pool as we know it is built in London England in the late 1800s.

Even so, there were strict rules of etiquette and protocol that dictated how one was to swim in public in the early English swimming pool. Diving, for example, was viewed as being too rough as was the standard crawl stroke, so both of these activities are banned outright.

Visitors to an English public swimming pool had to ease gently into the water while fully clothed and then had to swim using the more gentle breaststroke.

The Swimming Pool of Today

The one event in the history of the swimming pool that will go down as the most significant of modern times has to be the development of a common prefabricated above ground pool. Nothing has done more to bring more people into the water and this is why their popularity continues to survive to this day.

It was returning soldiers, airmen and sailors who found that the newly introduced prefabricated above ground reminded them of the water tanks that they had swum in at remote posts during the war.

So they were an easy fit into the back yards of the small homes in the suburbs where they had settled in to start their new families.

In time, as they moved onto bigger homes and progressed in their careers, the general trend was to have a more permanent cement inground pool installed. However, a steady stream of improvements in manufacturing technology and designs, including prefabricated inground models is leading a turnaround in this trend.

The Swimming Pool of Tomorrow

It’s the rising cost of energy that’s required for the production of concrete and steel, along with rising labor costs that will inevitably lead to a spike in the price of tomorrow’s standard cement inground pool. Economic realities that will definitely combine to be the impetus of changing trends.

So more often than not, tomorrow’s will be prefabricated using metals and plastics that have been recycled. Also, solar components that harvest the energy of the sun will also become more popular as time moves on.

Products like solar pool covers are already proving to be popular sellers but developments in the production methods for photoelectric solar cells will also lead to even greater popularity of solar components. Tomorrow’s photovoltaic solar panels will be cheaper to buy, last longer and produce more energy.

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